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As a builder and building contractor Totem Construction specialises in new build properties and home extensions in Newmarket, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and East Anglia.

Totem Construction creates your dream home.

We can help you to create the home of your dreams

New build house contractor

We are a developer for bespoke new homes and small developments.

Not all local building contractors are the same. Totem Construction offers an outstanding start to finish service, including complete new build houses. From the breaking ground to topping out, we deliver entire new build projects swiftly, competently and superbly.

Everybody knows property development can be a headache – managing deadlines, trades, deliveries, weather and budgets. Totem Construction provides a comprehensive service, giving you a single point of contact, no hassles, and an outstanding new build. Ready to build? We’re specialists in residential and commercial construction across East Anglia – and we’re ready to help.

Maximise the potential of your home

Home extensions, conversions and refurbishments

Property and home extensions, renovations and refurbishments.

Property refurbishment can be profitable and satisfying, but it requires careful coordination of skills and trades. Totem Construction offers not just skilled tradespeople, but also experience and specialist knowledge to make any refurbishment straightforward.

Totem Construction works with you from planning to completion. This simplifies the process, giving you a guaranteed point of contact, a comprehensive service and unique quality guarantees, as a member of the Federation of Master Builders and a Trustmark member, we’re completely equipped to make your extension, conversion or refurbishment a success. Contact us today to find out how.

Premium quality workmanship for the home you deserve.

Home refurbishment and remodelling

Property and house refurbishments from a complete overhaul to full kitchen remodelling.

Totem Construction specialises in property and house refurbishments from complete overhauls to kitchen remodelling. We’ve successfully undertaken every kind of building refurbishment: barn conversions, garage rebuilds, stable conversions and remodelling existing homes.


This means we have the skills and experience you need to maximise the potential of any building, and we work with you to make the process simple and cost-effective, with an impressive outcome.

We’re specialist builders in Suffolk and Norfolk, giving you access to skills, acumen, project management and local knowledge.

Our comprehensive Design and Fitting Service oversees every aspect of refurbishment – we help you plan, we build, we restore and we add the final touches that make every Totem Construction project unique and desirable.

Home design from the outside to the inside

ArchItect Design & Interior Design

We offer a complete package from professional architect’s plans and drawings to a full interior design service.

Totem Construction provides offers a start to finish service, including complete new build houses. New build projects require specialist skills from design and planning to snagging and completion. Our team takes your entire new build project on board and delivers with precision and competence.

By offering a single point of contact, we support you through the process from initial conception to completion, drawing on our local expertise to deliver everything you need. If you’re looking for a partner who can deliver on time, within budget and to specification, contact Totem Construction today.